Five things you should know to if you want to paint

I know it's not easy to have the time to paint.

For years, I only dabbled. Despite how much joy it gave me, painting was more of an afterthought until I did the following.

Today I'm sharing five tips that I hope will help you too.

1. Dedicate a space for your art practice. If you haven’t got a spare room or a garage where you can set up a studio, create a “moving studio”. I used my dining table for years before I set up my own studio space. I kept my paints and brushes in a toolbox with wheels that I bought from the hardware store so I could easily pack up, store and move my materials.

2. Always have spare blank canvases on hand. If you don’t any canvases or other painting surfaces such as wood panels at your disposal, you’re unlikely to start painting.

3. Let go of perfection and aim instead for progress. Progress comes only if you keep painting, making mistakes, learning from trial and error and refining your craft.

4. Don’t wait to be in the mood to paint. Painting will change your mood. And that in turn will spur you on to paint even more.

5. Bring an attitude of curiosity to art. Approach it as an ongoing exploration. Practice, watch free tutorials, invest in your learning, visit galleries, observe nature and colours. Let new connections consciously and unconsciously seep into your work.

Melbourne Painting for Beginner's courses starting in August


Prelude to Painting is a revised version of Initiation to Painting which we used to run.  This is a three week beginner's painting course and is designed as a taster for participants who just want to test the waters. It's also an opportunity for participants who may have taken painting classes a long time ago but haven't practised and want to regain their confidence. 

We provide all the materials for students use in class, including artist quality paints simply because it makes the process more enjoyable and the end results are always better.

Prelude to Painting starts on August 1 in Pascoe Vale in Melbourne's northern suburbs and August 14 in Mordialloc in Melbourne's Bayside area.