Guy Trinquet of Two Talking Birds

Guy Trinquet of Two Talking Birds

About Guy Trinquet

Painting transports me to a completely different realm.  Teaching others to do the same is a privilege.  It gives me immense satisfaction to be able to bring people together in a space where they can learn, laugh, experiment, relax and enjoy.

Originally from Paris, I’ve been living in Melbourne since 2005.  Professionally, I’ve worked in top end Parisian cafes, run my own cafe in Melbourne and did a stint as a makeup artist in between.

All along, I’ve always painted and identified as an artist. Ironically, I painted even more when I started up my own cafe - first to adorn the walls, then to sell my art. I’m constantly trying new techniques and styles. An artist can never stop learning.

My Approach

I keep my class size small enough to be able to check on all my students. I teach through demonstrations, in depth explanation and exercises in a friendly environment that is conducive to making new friends and just being yourself.

Purchasing art materials can be expensive and prevent some people from starting. To remove this barrier, I provide all materials (including artist quality paints) for use in class.

Many of my students have reported how much they have changed as a result of painting - I couldn’t be happier!