Painting Classes in Melbourne

Two Talking Birds facilitates painting classes for in Melbourne in a relaxed, friendly environment

Started up by French artist Guy Trinquet, we teach technique, share practical tips and give demonstrations to help you learn enjoyably.

Being in the right frame of mind is part of the creative journey so we guide you in befriending your inner critic  (i.e. when to silence it and when to listen to it) and being "in the moment" to enable your creative juices to flow. We love reigniting your inventive spark, and encourage you to experiment with curiosity.  After all, art is a lot like real life - joie de vivre is practiced by diving right in rather than sitting on the sidelines.

Along the way, we hope to open new doors for you - a way to calm your racing mind. Get out and do something different. Enhance brain fitness. Express yourself symbolically. Embark on your personal art journey. Meet like-minded people. Simply feel good!

We provide all materials for use in the class including paints, brushes, painting knives, palettes, easels, canvas and mediums.  This enables you to come and learn without you having to spend hundreds of dollars buying them, or lugging any kits to class.

Whether you have some experience painting or none at all, you are welcome to join our programs. 


Our Painting Courses in a nutshell:

All classes are suitable for beginners and those who have some experience painting. We will be using acrylic paints for the course.

Modern Floral Painting is a five week program where you will learn the basics of painting abstract flowers. Suitable for beginners, the next course will begin in April in Brunswick.

La Mer Seascape Painting is all about capturing the lure of the sea.  Weekend (Sat and Sun) workshop to commence in July 2019.

Landscape Painting - weekend workshop to commence in mid 2019. Stay tuned!